Saturday, October 10, 2009


Ryan comes home in 2 weeks from today and I can't hardly wait!!! This past month has definitely gone by pretty fast, so I know these last 2 weeks will fly by. Especially because I have something planned almost every single day until he gets home. Bible study, mommies group, grandma visiting, church etc... so exciting!

Although I'm not a fan of weekends while my husband is away, this weekend has been surprisingly full. I took a nice walk yesterday morning, came home and showered then got to talk to Ryan for a while. In the afternoon I went to price tires because the Pilot tires need replacing. I decided to get them at Sam's Club, which is where we got our Accord tires. I planned on going fairly early this morning to get them replaced. I got there at about 845... and ended waiting almost THREE hours! Yuck! It was 1130 when I left. Good thing I didn't have anything better to do. I came home and Sandy and Brody came over with Subway sammies in hand. We settled on the floor with the kiddos and watched Grey's from the other night while the kids played. I'm currently sitting here watching football, waiting for laundry to finish and for my oven timer to beep. I made brownies and I am making some homemade whip cream to go with them. Don't you wish you were here?! Now, don't think that all this is just for me. Lord knows I don't need that mess on my thighs... The Levy's are coming over for pizza and beer as a trade for having Doug mow my lawn, which was supposed to happen today but God decided that Fayetteville needed rain. So, needless to say that the mowing of the lawn will happen a different day. As long as it happens before Ryan gets home, then I don't really care what day it is!

Tomorrow is church, which means getting up nice and early to work in the nursery at 8am. Then Jax and I will be going to the 10am service. I originally put him in the nursery during the 10am service but it's the most crowded service, which means it's the most crowded time for the nursery. There are waaaay to many children (who are usually all crying) and far too few adults. I don't want him to cry everytime he is in there. So for now, he hangs out with me during worship and then takes a nap in my arms during the sermon. He's such a great baby, it's really easy to just keep him with me. At some point this will have to change, but for now it works.
The smell of brownies is wafting this way, so I'm off to see if I can take a bite yet! YUM!

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