Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've decided to make my own baby food. It's much cheaper, not to mention fresher and better for Jax. I figured that I don't want to feed him something that I wouldn't eat myself. At 4 months old, babies are allowed to have sweet potatoes, bananas, avocado and applesauce. I decided to start with sweet potatoes and bananas. I wanted to do sweet potatoes first because I don't want Jax to get used to the sweetness of fruit and then not eat veggies. The plan is to make batches of food at a time and then freeze them in individual servings (ice cube trays). I decided to get to work today on the sweet potatoes and bananas.

I'm using the book Super Baby Food as my reference for all of this. There is tons of advice, recipes and tips for homemade baby food. I read up on sweet potatoes and bananas and got to work. The book says to put the sweet potatoes in the microwave for 14 minutes. I only had one sweet potato because I forgot that I had purchased them for Jax, and I ate one last night. Oh well. I took my one sweet potato and stuck it in the microwave for 14 minutes. I went back to the bedrooms to get some laundry started. When I came back out (approximately 14 minutes later), I immediately smelled smoke and ran to the kitchen fully expecting flames. Thank God there was nothing on fire, but my poor sweet potato had been burnt TO A CRISP in the darn microwave. Upon further investigation, I realized that the time given in the book was for 4 sweet potatoes. I only had one. And it was a smallish one. So now I have no more sweet potatoes, no baby food sweet potatoes for Jax and a house that seriously smells nasty. I've had the windows open all day with every single ceiling fan on high. Good thing that it wasn't freezing outside today! There is still a lingering smoke/burnt food smell, but I think it's just about gone. But let me just say, I'm a darn good cook, so please don't let this influence your opinions about my domesticity.

On a positive note, bananas take no cooking. So I stuck them in the food processor with some water and hit 'on'. I let them go for a minute or so and then portioned them into my ice cube trays. I wrapped them tight in plastic wrap and foil and stuck them in the freezer. Tomorrow, I will transfer them to a plastic food storage bag. Then all I have to do is pull out how many I want and stick them in the fridge to defrost overnight. In the mornings, Jax will have homemade 'nanas to eat!!!

PS- Ryan come home the day after tomorrow, YIPEEEEE!!!

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  1. Yes, she is a good cook. I can vouch for that from personal experience.
    Everyone misreads the "destructions" once in a while.