Monday, September 28, 2009

If you like Pina Coladas

then you're like me! So, you might think that's a bit random. And it is. But, for whatever reason, it popped in my head as I started this post so I thought I would share.

Today was Bible study day. Two of my girlfriends and I are going through Beth Moore's 'Believing God'. So far, I'm loving it for a few different reasons. 1- Beth Moore rocks. 2- I get to fellowship with two of my best girlfriends. 3- I'm loving spending time in the mornings on the couch with my coffee, my Bible and my Jesus (not necessarily in that order). 4- I can tell that we are going to get a lot out of it and that makes me happy!

I am heading to a huge consignment sale tomorrow evening and hoping to pick up a jumper for Jaxers. Which sounds like some kind of charity event, but really I'm just getting a toy for my kiddo. Or at least, I'm hoping to get a toy for my kiddo. I am really praying that I will find something good and cheap that will be able to entertain him. I'm having such a hard time doing anything because he likes me to entertain him. As his mother, I'm ok with that... to a certain extent. It comes to a point where I end up not doing anything all day because I can't leave his side (or I guess it's more like, he can't leave my side). So I would really like to find something that will keep him a bit more entertained without me. Mama needs to get some stuff done!

2.5 weeks since Ryan left and he comes home in 3.5 weeks. I'm almost halfway there! Plus, my grandma comes to visit the week before Ryan comes home, so I really only have to countdown to that. I'm excited for her to come visit us. I know these next two weeks will go by quickly, then grandma will be here, then Ryan will be home!!!

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