Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What to do, What to do

For reals ya'll... what do you do all day? I have been getting rather bored with Ryan being gone and I'm just wondering what you guys do? I have been trying to go for a walk every morning. After that, I get Jax settled and I take a shower/get ready for the day. Sometimes I feel so lazy that "getting ready" means a wet ponytail and sweatpants... no judgement, please. But I usually try to make an effort to do my hair and makeup, even if I don't have big plans for the day. Once I'm done with that, I feed Jax and get him changed and ready for the day. After all of this, it's only about 1030am. Soooo.... I still have the whole day ahead of me!

I really hate sitting and watching TV for a long time. For one, I feel all kinds of fat and lazy when I do that. For two, I feel like a horrible mom who isn't stimulating her son. However, I also hate having a completely silent house. I've been trying to spend time on the floor with Jax but he really hates tummy time, which is such a bummer! I lay him on his back on his playmat and that usually lasts a little while. But eventually he gets fussy and doesn't want to be there anymore. So then what? Then what do I do? I'm starting to feel like a horrible mother because I'll end up putting him on my lap, facing me, with the TV on in the background.

Mommies... I really need some ideas or at least some reassurance that I'm not being a horrible mother. Or maybe I am? I try to find somewhere to go every day, but even running errands doesn't take very long. Especially when this mama doesn't have much extra money to spend! Right now the days are dragging on and it's really feeling like these 6 weeks are going to take FOREVER!

Help me!!!


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  2. Wouldn't it be nice if we were rich and could go shopping everyday!! Shoot I would even be happy with a startbucks everyday, but don't because I don't want to spend $4 on a coffee. Well my day consists of...

    -3 hours of work
    -come home and pump because I am engorged from being at work
    -eat lunch while ben is a full happy boy
    -put Ben down for his nap
    -spend about an hour with my hubby
    -say goodbye to hubby (he goes to work)
    -feed Ben
    -floortime(about 15 minutes then he gets fussy)
    -let him sit in his bumbo or bouncy chair while I do my 16 min. workout
    -feed Ben
    -take shower
    -take a small snooze with Ben
    -feed Ben
    -make dinner
    -try to go for a walk
    -watch T.V.

    As you can see I am really no help! I play with Ben for about 15-20 min. after each feeding but after that he usually starts to fuss or get tired and just wants to be held. I too feel like a bad mom at times thinking I am not playing with him enough or stimulating him enough. I try not to watch T.V. all day, but I do usually have the T.V. on at night because if not the house is too quiet and I would scare myself with every little noise I heard. I started going to a bible study on Wed. nights which has helped. It at least breaks up my week. Let me know if you find out some amazing cheap, even free, things to do, because I feel like I am in the same boat you are.

  3. I remember someone told me that if I could survive the first 4 months of motherhood I would be just fine. I have found that statement to be true! The first 4 months are difficult b/c there isn't much your baby can do on their own, they are so dependent.

    When Lily was 4 months old I went and bought an exersaucer and it was the BEST thing ever. It stimulated her and allowed me to work and get things done. Do you have an exersaucer or jumperoo? It is well worth the money, especially if you plan on having more :)

    So my mommy idea would be to get him in one of those and start a hobby...reading, learn to sew, scrapbooking, etc. I have found I always feel better about myself when I am all tied up in a project.

    Good Luck! Enjoy all your free time, it won't be that way for long! Once they start crawling and walking it gets really fun!