Thursday, September 24, 2009


-I'm watching Survivor for the first time in years.

-I've started watching Biggest Loser. It's motivating me to lose weight. It's also making me bawl my eyes out every Tuesday night.

-Ryan comes home in one month from today!

-Jax started reaching for his toys. Goooo hand-eye coordination!

-I've lost 3 pounds since Ryan's been gone. My goal is 10. (Overall goal is 30).

-I'm hungry.

-Mojo is acting like a guard dog while Ryan's gone. A 5 pound guard dog.

-Tomorrow is Friday, but that doesn't mean much while Ryan's gone.

-My grandma comes for a visit in 3 weeks!

-Mommies Group rocked today. It's been 6 weeks since I've seen everyone.

-I'm really, really missing California right now.

-I'm going to stay up late to watch Grey's Anatomy and Project Runway. YAY Thursdays!

1 comment:

  1. I foolishly missed Grey's last night...
    I come from a land where 9/8c means my show comes on at 9. But I'm in central time now! I feel dumb.

    So hey. All milk storage bags fit all drop in bottles, right? So I don't have to match brand name to brand name? I'm trying to update/add to my registry and I'm so lost! Around the nineteenth thing I had google I figured it would be more helpful to just ask and wait instead of wasting time!

    How's Jax doing? Have you found ways to fill your days? Does your gym offer childcare? I bet you could network with other new moms that way. Are you in a bible study group? Just some thoughts.