Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Praises and Prayers

  • i have a man who is a great husband and daddy... and provides for our family.
  • we have a happy, healthy, beautiful baby boy
  • we have a house that we own (as in, we don't rent. not like own own).
  • we have 2 cars that both work. -plus a Harley. but I don't know if I consider that a praise.
  • i have friends who are like family away from family.
  • we have an awesome church that feeds our souls.
  • ryan has been home for 2 whole years. -that's SO not normal for the Army.
  • that these next 6 weeks (starting sunday) will fly by.
  • that I will become better at being alone... especially at night.
  • that Ryan will have a safe/fun trip to France.
  • that my cavity will not get worse before we have the money to fix it.
  • that even though my pap came back abnormal (for the umpteenth time), I will not need treatment and it would heal on its own. (**This may seem like TMI, but I could really use the prayers for this one!)

Thanks. I love you all.


  1. Done and done! It's hard sometimes for me to find the good in each day; I'm glad you're succeeding in that. Are you under tricare prime? do we have dental? I have no clue, but boy I sure hate cavities and need to have my teeth cleaned. I hope yours doesn't cause you any more frustration. As for the last thing, I sure pray you're not having any discomfort. There are so many questions I have about pregnancy and recovery and what happens after the baby. Things I have learned but had no clue about (including a little thing called an episiotomy, and yes, I was naive enough to believe babies just slipped right out, and also how long it takes after a baby is born to resume a normal menstrual cycle) were so shocking to discover!
    Is this something your ob/gyn can give you some assurance about? Either way, prayers are forthcoming. How is the little guy doing? He's so big already! They grow so fast!!

    P.S. I totally schwanked your cutest blog layout ideas- what fun!

  2. What great blessings you have in your life. All your desires are righteous, so God will see you through.