Wednesday, May 13, 2009


That's all I'm doing right now. It's 9:50 and I just barely rolled, and I do mean ROLLED, out of bed. I feel lazy for sleeping in so late everyday, but then I just tell myself that I'm never EVER going to be able to do this again. Too bad my hips are screaming at me in the mornings and so I'm not very comfortable anyway. 
I'm trying to spend these last few days doing things that I enjoy because once Jax gets here, things change. Permanently. I know that eventually he'll start sleeping through the night and we'll be able to leave him with a sitter and all that good stuff. But still. Things change. I'll still have to get up earlier than I want to. We'll still have to make sure we are home at a decent hour so we can put him to bed. Babies change things. I'm not sure Ryan has realized that yet, but I certainly have. I'm really realizing how close we are to having a baby in our home. It's very surreal. I'm so very excited, but also nervous. I'm good with babies, but I've never had to take care of one FULL TIME. It's a bit nerve-wracking. 
However, more than anything I just feel like I'm ready. Ready to not be VVPG anymore. Ready to sleep without my body screaming at me. Ready to not have to wonder when it's going to happen. Ready to see Jax's little face, fingers and toes. Ready to be a mommy. I'm just ready.

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