Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I've decided that the last few weeks of pregnancy SUCK! Just a warning to you other VPG's who read this blog (you know who you are)... it's no fun at all. I'm trying to last until my mama gets here in 13 days... not like it's up to me or anything. I just need to get through these 13 days and then this kiddo SERIOUSLY needs to pack up and get out. He's getting close to overstaying his welcome!

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  1. oh hunny, they are so hard! Hang in there. It doesn't get easier, especially when you hit your due date and the baby STILL isn't there.

    Make sure you do all those selfish things you want to do like pedicures, go to the movies, go shoppping for post preggo clothes,(not shampoo your carpet and clean your baseboards! Because when you have that baby those things are way too far and few between.

    Good Luck, can't wait to see little Jax!