Thursday, May 28, 2009

41 weeks and an update

So... tomorrow I am 41 weeks, aka OVERDUE!!! I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and somehow, nothing has changed. That's right. From two whole weeks ago, NOTHING. Lord Almighty, I have no idea how that's possible but apparently it is. We've been walking about 3 miles everyday and I've been cramping a lot. But still... NOTHING. My doctor scheduled my induction date for Tuesday, which is June 2nd. I am supposed to be induced on Monday but they didn't have any availability. I have to call at 530am Monday morning to see if something opened up. Pray that the girls who are supposed to get induced on Monday go into labor on their own so that I can take their Monday slot. Better yet, pray that I go into labor on my own this weekend! 

I went to do a NST (non-stress test) today to make sure that Jax is still doing ok. I was hooked up to a heartbeat monitor and a contraction monitor for about 20 minutes. They basically just check to make sure his heartbeat is normal and that it gets faster when he moves around. It was fun to listen to his heartbeat skyrocket as he was moving around. Everything was how it's supposed to be, except for the whole I'm-still-pregnant thing :) They also did a quick ultrasound to make sure that he still has enough fluid to swim around in. That was normal too. So, basically he's just comfy-cozy in there and does not want to come out. He's stubborn like his mama. Darn it! I'm scared for Ryan and I as Jax grows up. He's gonna be a handful!

That's the latest and greatest. Even though this whole thing is frustrating, it is nice to know that it will only be 5 more days at the most until we can hold him in our arms. I CANNOT WAIT!!!

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