Monday, May 18, 2009

It's mama day!

My mom is in the air on her way here! YIPEE! I can't wait until 7pm!

However, apparently Jax isn't nearly as excited as I am because nothing has changed. NOTHING. GRRRR! My doctor said I am still between 1 and 2cm. No cervical change. The only thing is that he has dropped a little bit, but he isn't locked into position. She can still move his head around which means he needs to get further down. I hope my mom brings her walking shoes because that's all I plan on doing for the next.... well, until I go into labor! 

Please pray that things progress and that I don't have to get induced. I really want my mom to have time with him. If I have to get induced it won't be until June 1st or 2nd, so she'll only have a few days. I don't need her to be here while I'm pregnant, I need her to be here once he's born. 


1 comment:

  1. you are in our prayers mama! Just walk until you drop....literally! haha.

    Good Luck with everything, we can't wait to see pictures :)