Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let me just tell you...

...that I have proof there is a God. 

Yesterday I was feeling pretty low. Lately I've been feeling big and ugly and fat and all the not-so-fun stuff that comes with being VPG. So today I FORCED myself to go to a maternity fair that my delivery hospital was putting on. It had a bunch of information, free stuff and tours of the Labor/Delivery and Mother/Baby units. I was not thrilled to go by myself but I went anyway. While I was there, I had a random stranger tell me how beautiful I looked and that I was just the "prettiest pregnant person". I then ran into my doula and she said the same thing and on top of that, she said I was totally glowing! She also said it was because my husband isn't home, but that's neither here nor there :) To top the whole thing off, I was in my car getting ready to leave and I got a call saying that I had won a raffle drawing for a mommy pampering basket. I waddled my way back inside and picked that up. Fun stuff. God certainly knew how down I was feeling and he totally stepped in and made my day. How can you say there isn't someone looking out for us?!

In my good spirits, I decided that I needed a pedicure to top it all off and now I have semi-lovely toes to match my lovely day... too bad the pedicure lady did a crappy job!


  1. Mary's mom here...I love reading your blogs, Jenna. They are sweet and positive. Congrats on almost being done. Being pregnant is so amazing. I never got over how it is evidence of God. How do you get a baby in there? Wait till Jax is born. You will keep looking at him, then at your tummy, then at him saying "how did he fit in there!?"

  2. one look at the littlest "Hansen" and the very looonnnggg 9 months will be worth every minute. Hangeth thou in there, baby. oh...btw, i have it on good authority that a pedicure makes delivery go faster....or maybe it was just the pictures look better....!