Friday, April 24, 2009

36 weeks

Ohhhh.... it's that time again. I really can't believe that I'm 36 weeks. Although I feel like I've been pregnant forever, it really has gone by pretty fast. I very much remember when I first thought I might finally be pregnant and I just kept forcing myself to wait to take a prego test. The funny thing is, I took one the day I was supposed to start and it came back negative. AND it was one of those early response tests. Lame. Anyway, I really can't believe that was way back in September. 

This past week has been pretty good. Ryan officially reenlisted for 3 more years... which means a big, fat bonus check for us! So that has been fun. I finally bought a glider/ottoman combo for the nursery. It's back-ordered right now, but I can't wait for it to get here. We're slowly checking off some of the final things we need/want before Jax is here. Ryan is working on painting the living room so that it's not paint-y smelling with Jax in the house. I'm pretty exhausted all the time. If we do any significant amount of walking I get pooped really quickly. I just try to force myself to keep going... it's the end result that keeps me quasi-motivated! Jax moves around a lot, especially right after I get out of the shower. I hardly ever have to wait more than 20 minutes to get the 10 movements I need for the kick count every evening (ok, most evenings...). I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday and my doctor wanted to make sure his head is still down (which I know it is because ohhhh the pain!), so I got to see him on an ultrasound again. And once again, he flashed his boy parts with no shame! It makes me laugh every time. I am measuring perfectly and everything looks good. I go back in every week now until I have him.

Full term next week!!! Woo hoo!

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