Sunday, April 12, 2009

34 weeks

Ryan got home on Friday! Which means I finally got another picture of my big ol' tummy. I'm really counting down the days now. Only about 20 more until I'm full term and 40 more until my due date! YAAAAY! I'm getting so impatient and I can't believe he is going to be here so soon. I just keep trying to tell myself to enjoy these last few weeks of alone time/time with Ryan. Once Jax is here, our lives will be changed forever.

I went to the doctor this past week. Jax is measuring perfect and his heartbeat sounded great. I go back in 2 weeks, then every week after that. I scheduled all my appointments until I'm due and oooooh that was exciting! It makes it feel so real, so soon. Jax is about 5 lbs now (yowza) and about 19 inches. At this point, there can be such a big weight/height range so those are just averages of all babies. I have an ultrasound tomorrow and that will give us a better estimate of how big he actually is. I'm also curious to see how he's sitting. I think his head is down because I feel pressure and am pretty sore down there. So we'll see. I know these next weeks are going to fly by and before we know it, I'll be posting pictures of our new baby boy!

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