Friday, August 2, 2013

Five on Friday

This link-up seems to be picking up steam, as pretty much every blog I read has started doing a Five on Friday post. So why not join the fun?!

This week, I'm thinking about...

1- My birthday is next week and we are headed to San Diego/Sea World. I seriously cannot wait! I haven't been to San Diego in almost 10 years! But I'm a little nervous about the 6 hour car ride because Lexi isn't the best road tripper. I'm hoping that movies on the iPad will distract her!

(Zoo day)

2-I've been working really hard on getting my Etsy shop set up, but I'm know I still need more items to list. If you need a party banner or cupcake toppers, or know someone who does... please send me an email! I would love to work together to come up with something cute!

3-We had VBS every night this week (the whole nighttime VBS thing-- not my favorite). But Jax has had a blast! And the cool thing is that during the kids' VBS there was a parenting seminar. We came home with tons of good info and I'm looking forward to implementing some new things! AND, we are starting a parenting life group and had one couple sign up that we've really clicked with so far, so I'm pretty excited to meet some new mommy friends!

4-Besides VBS, we had a really low key week. As in, we literally had nothing planned. The only thing was a park date yesterday morning, which was fun, of course! But the week kind of dragged on. I suppose I shouldn't complain because school starts in 2 weeks! EEEEEK!

(Heart attack city. Lexi got up on the stool and was just standing there by herself)

5-Jax and Lexi have been playing so well together and I absolutely love it! They love playing together! Lexi absolutely adores her big brother, and Jax is loving that Lexi is finally getting big enough to play with him. The flip side to that is that Jax is a little too rough with her sometimes. But I suppose that's just part of having an older sibling!

I hope y'all had a great week!

What are you're Five on Friday thoughts??

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  1. Good luck with your Etsy shop! I opened my shop last September and it has been so much fun!