Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Living like squatters

Well friends, we are 3 days away from our big move! And you know what that means? It means that we are living like squatters in our own home. 

Because Ryan has been working in Fresno for the last 3 weeks, he's been able to pack his car full of stuff and unload it down there each times he goes. But that means that we have hardly anything left up here. 

 TV on the floor? Toys and junk everywhere? Check. Check.

Toy-less playroom? Check.

Empty kitchen cabinets? Check.

Using patio furniture as indoor furniture? Check.

Disposable plates, cups, and silverware? Check.

Mattress on the floor? Check.

We are very excited and ready to get into our new house! We are currently waiting for escrow to close. So for the next week, we'll be staying at my in-laws' house (while they are on vacation in Hawaii. Luckies.) We are scheduled to get our keys on March 1st and then the unpacking and decorating will begin!

And just so that this post doesn't only have pictures of my tornado house... here's a picture of this sweet thing. I love her so. 


  1. Good luck with your move! I hope everything goes smoothly and you are able to get settled in quickly!

  2. I am so excited for you guys!

    Sounds like you are so close to getting into your house! I chuckled at the pictures because my husband and I have been there. We have moved to 4 different states in the past 7 years so I know how that transition period goes all to well =)

    Praying that everything goes smoothly for you all!

    1. Thanks! The transition period is no fun, but at least the excitement of our new house helps us get through!

  3. She is just so precious! So excited tomorrow is the big day for you guys!! Can't wait to see the house. I love moving in to a new place. Your walls are like fresh canvases. :) Enjoy!

  4. I seriously applaud you! I think I'd flip out!