Friday, August 3, 2012


I haven't been blogging much because we really haven't had much going on. Soooo... Here's some cuteness to keep you entertained until I figure out what to write about :)
Church a few weeks ago... So sweet.

Squishy-faced smile! She might be tiny and not eat much, but she's obviously content!

Hello bright eyes!

(ps- I never let us leave the house without a bow on her head... So don't think I'm slacking :) these pictures are from our house)

The Mister and the Sister at the splash park a few days ago.

The Mister and the Sister... and the dog, all piled on my lap while nursing. Oy!!

PlayDoh, spaghetti, cheerios. Genius!

My sweet family

Happy Friday!


  1. I like everyday life pictures! And your baby girl makes me want a girl even more so I can dress her up in purple checked dresses! Cute!

  2. I'm totally trying that play-doh, spaghetti, and cheerios fun! My boys would LOVE that!! :)

    Love those pictures!!!

  3. cutie pies!!!!! lucky momma ;)

    and i LOVE "the mister and the sister" ...that is SOOO cute.
    SO. SO. Cute.