Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Day of School

Yesterday was Jax's first day of preschool!

I CANNOT believe he is old enough to start school. 
It all goes too fast.

We love his school SO much and are so blessed to have it so close by. I can walk him to school if I want!

He is now a "Cheerful Cheetah"!

I was so excited for him that I didn't think I would cry... but I should have known better. Watching him run around and play on the playground before class made me realize how fast he's growing. There was no way to hold back the tears. 

I blame the baby hormones :)

Side note: I have quite a few of you who have commented on posts and when I try to write you back,  I see that you are a "no-reply blogger"... meaning your email isn't hooked up to your blog. Check out THIS post about how to change that so that I can write you back!


  1. awe so cute. Kaylee has been going to summer school 3 days a week but come Aug 27th she'll start a full year of preschool going 5 days a week from 9-12. So cute. I held back my tears on the first day I dropped her off until I got into the car and then shed a few tears.

  2. What a big guy!!!!! Happy first day