Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some "Pinteresting" Ideas and some painting

I heart Pinterest.
I wish it had been around when I was decorating our house in North Carolina. And I really wish it had been around when I was doing Jax's nursery. He ended up with a boy-themed bedding, mobile, laundry basket, and diaper holder set from Babies R Us. Boring. 
Lexi's is going to be much cuter! Check out this sneak peek...

I'm not super crafty and I'm definitely not creative, but I am a great copier. Which is why Pinterest comes in so handy. Here are a few things we have done in our new (rental) house. 
All the pins and sources can be found on my Home Decor board.

Jax's playroom wall... more art to come soon

A table near our entry way. I got the printable from Pinterest and I love that I can change it out for each season/holiday. 

I copied this picture wall from Pinterest as well. The frame on the left is just waiting for pictures of Jax and Lexi :)

We've also been working on Jax's guitar bedroom. We found a cute guitar frame at Michael's a few days ago and decided to buy it and let him paint it with colors that match his room.

 He did a great job!

I finally have a prenatal appointment tomorrow! After 10 long weeks without seeing a doctor. It's only to do all the initial paperwork and such, then I'll schedule an appointment with an OB once that's done. But I'm going to beg them to listen to her heartbeat tomorrow as well, I'm dying to hear it. Pray they agree!

PS- I just realized that the countdown is under 100 days until Lexi gets here! 
YAY double digits!

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