Monday, April 9, 2012


We had an absolutely wonderful Easter this year! It was the first year in about 5 years that we've been with family and we all had a great time. We did dinner and an egg hunt with Ryan's family on Saturday. Jax and his cousin, Elijah, had so much fun hunting for eggs. And next year, there will be two more babies in the mix!

Jax learned how to hunt eggs last year, so by this year he was a total pro. 

He took his job very seriously

Elijah was less interested in collecting eggs and more interested in throwing them and just running around

Jax helped show him what to do

He was very proud of his egg collecting skills

Auntie Jenny sat with baby Samuel while he slept the day away, but I'm sure that next year he will be toddling around too!

After we got home from Ryan's parent's house, we introduced Jax to some "magic" jelly beans. We had him put them on the ground, then told him that the Easter Bunny is the only one who can make them grow, and that he would have to check back in the morning to see if the Easter Bunny had stopped by. 

Ryan snuck out on Easter morning and replaced the jelly beans for dum-dums. Jax was THRILLED that the Easter Bunny had come by and that the beans had grown into lollipops!

Of course Jax also got an Easter basket full of goodies this year. I went to the Dollar Store and got some gardening tools, a Mickey Mouse paint set, a Noah's Ark puzzle, colored pencils, a chocolate bunny, some peeps and a Reece's pieces "carrot". 

He was pretty excited about his stuff... and of course had to line it all up. He's just a tad OCD :)

And what's Easter without a family picture?! 

I forgot to take a pregnancy picture this week, but as you can see, I've entered my third trimester with a bang. My belly is large and in charge. Less than three months to go!

I can't believe that next Easter we will have two sweet kiddos in the family picture!

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  1. You look great! I love the magic jelly beans idea, I'll have to remember that for next year!