Monday, April 16, 2012

San Francisco!

We decided last minute on Saturday morning to take a day trip to San Francisco. It was beautiful weather and it's only about an hour from our house, so we knew it was a good day to do it. I looked up a few things to do, just so we had a few good ideas, then we hit the road. 

We decided to head to Pier 39 first. We stopped to pick up some Giants hats. Now that we are bay area residents, it's only appropriate!
 Hello, Bay Bridge in the background

There is an aquarium on the pier, so that was our first stop. We knew Jax would love it. He was very excited about "Nemo" being there.

They also had a few of these walk-through tunnels that were pretty cool.
(I had such a hard time getting  decent photo in there)

We took a picture at Hard Rock Cafe to put in Jax's guitar frame in his room.

Then we found the famous sea lions.

Next, Jax and Daddy rode the carousel. 

And we made our way to Bubba Gump's for lunch... where Jax put on a little dance show in Forest's shoes. 

After lunch we wandered around the pier and came across a little hole in the wall that makes these...
Crepes! Nutella Crepes! Yummmmm. 

After our little treat, we headed to find some more chocolate at Ghirardelli Square. I have to say, I was pretty bummed about that place. I have fond memories from when I was younger, but there isn't much to offer these days. Just some random shops and restaurants. But you can definitely find plenty of delicious Ghirardelli chocolate to buy!

We didn't stay long at Ghirardelli Square before we headed to Lombard Street. We waited in traffic to drive down it, and it was a pretty fun experience. Jax thought the "swervy street" was "super cool!". 

We intended to head home after Lombard Street. Then Ryan decided that we should take the long way home so that we could cross the Golden Gate Bridge instead of the Bay Bridge.
It turned out that it was actually faster to do a u-turn at the end of the bridge and just go back the way we came. So we spent about 2 hours winding through the streets of San Francisco and crossing the Bridge, just to turn around and end up back where we started. I've been teasing my dear husband about it ever since ;) 

Overall, it was a great day and we had a ton of fun. I'm glad that we are close enough to be able to drive there for the day. Plus, there's still lots more to see, so I know we'll be doing it again soon!


  1. Oh, looks like a fun family trip!

  2. We LOVE day trips to San Fran! We do it often!

    1. That's a long drive for a day trip for you!

    2. With the way Derek drives it only takes about 2 hours. Not bad at all. Plus we r at our beach house all the time and it's only about 45 min. from there. We love the city and we especially love baseball games!

  3. Looks like fun. Next time you decide on a day trip, let us know and we will meet you there! We are only about 1 1/2 hrs away from San Fran and have been wanting to go check out The Walt Disney family museum there. :)