Monday, February 13, 2012

Road Trip Randoms

Most of these pictures are from my phone, but a few are ones from my camera that I didn't include in my previous posts. It's inevitable that during a road trip you will see some funny things and make some great memories. These are ones that I don't want to forget!

We ate at Cracker Barrel in Fayetteville before we hit the road.
 We don't have them out here (boo!), 
so we wanted to score some yummy food for one last time.

Jax always has to sit in the rocking chairs. 
He insisted that Daddy join him

This was what our car looked like as we drove out of town with 3000 miles ahead of us. It was very peaceful!

It was overcast through the Carolina mountains, but I thought it was so pretty!

Jax still has to have his guys whenever he sleeps. 
He loved being in the hotel bed with me, too.

This was how Mojo hung out for most of the trip. 
My tummy makes a nice pillow for her!

We drove through Carrie Underwood's hometown in Oklahoma

Texas sky. GORGEOUS!

This name just cracked me up. I'm a 14 year old sometimes.

Our hotel breakfast area in Flagstaff. 
Told ya it looked like a lodge!

Jax decided that he should take pictures from our Vegas hotel room with my camera. 
He actually did a great job!


 Jax fell asleep with his hand in the cereal bag, his headphones on his head and his movie playing in his lap. It made me giggle. I just love him!

On a completely separate note, I didn't get to my 19 week post last week, so I'll be combining last week and this week on Thursday. See ya then!

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