Thursday, February 16, 2012

19 and 20 weeks!

I'm halfway through my pregnancy! Woohoo! Overall, it has gone by very quickly. However, I do feel like 20 more weeks is a long way to go. But I've felt great, like I'm not even pregnant, this whole time. So I really can't complain!

I got too busy last week to do a 19 week post. It would have been boring anyway. Pretty much the same ol', same ol'. Here is my 19 week picture, taken a day late. (Ignore the fact that I am constantly wearing teal shirts. It's my favorite color, and I just happen to have a few that fit well right now. )

And here is the comparison with Jax
 I'm really not sure why it looks like I have no hands in Jax's picture!

Now onto my 20th has been a little more interesting because I have felt her moving a little more! Finally! It has been driving me crazy how little I feel her. Even still, I don't feel her that often. But I have definitely felt more movement throughout this past week. And the best part was that I felt her kick my hand!! Whenever I do feel her, it is very low and often to one side or the other. Right close to my hipbone. The other day she kicked twice in a row in the same spot, so I stuck my hand there and she did it again! It was so fun to actually feel it on the outside. Of course she stopped once Ryan tried to feel her. Doesn't that always happen?!

Here is my picture from this morning

And here is the comparison with Jax
I think they look similar, however its probably because I was pushing my belly out so far with Jax. I think I was just a bit excited that my belly was really starting to grow!

And I couldn't leave out the big brother...
Goofy smile and all :)

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