Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Road Trip: North Carolina to Oklahoma

We had been planning this road trip and looking forward to it for months! When we left Fayetteville and hit the road, we were civilians! So surreal! We headed about 5 hours to Asheville, NC and stopped there for the night.

We had a very full car, and Jax was excited to go to "Calishornia"!

Beautiful sunset over the Carolina mountains

The next day we headed to Tennessee and stopped in Knoxville for lunch. Then we got back on the road and headed toward Nashville. We stopped at the Adventure Science Center so that Jax could get some energy out. It was a really cool "museweum", as Jax would say. It was a very nice way to stretch our legs and our brains!

Jax got to play a giant guitar

He also got to feed the hungry mouth

We also drove through downtown

We left Nashville and headed to Memphis for the night. The next morning we got up and got on the road just before 8. We decided to find a Starbucks for breakfast and to hopefully get some wifi (which didn't end up happening). We found one right off of Beale Street so we stopped there to walk around and take some pictures. Everything was closed but it was still fun to see. 

There was a sports arena across from Starbucks and there were all these giant balls out front... Jax loved them!

We stopped in front of the Mississippi River to take a picture

Then we drove into Arkansas 

And then into Oklahoma

Jax is such a good car napper (he always has been), and his little crossed leg was making me laugh!

We stopped just past Oklahoma City for the night.

We ended up getting a hotel suite and relaxing, enjoying some yummy local pizza and watching the Super Bowl. We have driven 1400 miles and are halfway home! Next we're off to Albuquerque, New Mexico!