Monday, November 2, 2009


I've decided to start couponing. I used to think that those ladies who walked around the store with those huge coupon binders were a bit ridiculous. I now think that they are GENIUS. I'm not sure what triggered my desire to start using coupons. Most likely it was the fact that having more money is a good thing. And all I have to do get more money is cut up some paper. I mean, HELLO, how easy is that?! But I don't just want to randomly use a few coupons to take a few dollars off. I really want to learn how to buy things on sale, plus use coupons, plus get rewards back. I've been pouring over websites and blogs to learn how to "coupon". In order to save the most money, I will have to go to a few different stores instead of just one. But if I can save money by doing this, then I say it's totally worth it. CVS has a reward system that allows you to get ExtraCareBucks back on certain sale items. Then you can turn around and use these ECB towards your next purchase. So basically, it's like free money!

I did my first couponing trip to CVS and Target today. Here are the results...

- 1 Pantene Pro-V Shampoo
-1 Pantene Pro-V Conditioner
-1 Plackers floss picks
-1 Metamucil capsules
*Total value = $28.06
*Total spent = $13.48--- I saved $14.58! Or 50%!
I did 3 separate transactions so that I could get the ECB back, then turn around and use it on the next transaction. I also used a coupon for each item. And I still have $2 ECB to spend on my next trip.

- 1 UP dishwasher detergent
-4 boxes Kellogg's brand cereals
*Total value = $14.90
*Total spent = $7.36--- I saved $7.54! Or 50%
I bought the Target brand detergent, plus I used a coupon. The Kellogg's cereal is buy 3, get one free this week. I also used one Target coupon and one manufacturers coupon for each box. So instead of paying $3-4 dollars/box, I paid $1.43/box!

I plan on doing more research and stocking up on more coupons in the future. This is so exciting and it's just the beginning!!

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