Friday, November 27, 2009

24 days!

We will be leaving this beautiful southern state and heading to the best (aka West) coast! North Carolina is really gorgeous this time of year. There are leaves EVERYWHERE... on the trees, floating through the air, on the ground... EVERYWHERE. They are such vibrant colors, it's just gorgeous. However, I really can't wait to get my little family back home to be with everyone for Christmas.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. We spent the day with our "Army issued" family. The Levy's and their 2 kids and the Lee's and their precious girl Hallah. We all contributed to the cooking and everything turned out super yummy. I tried a few new recipes and they are definitely keepers. But now, it's officially Christmastime. I'm working on a few Christmas'y crafts, plus one thing for Jax. I can't spill the beans about one of the crafts because they will be Christmas presents for some of our family. But I did make a wreath for our front door that turned out pretty cute. I also made a taggie blanket for Jax. It's a small, soft blanket with little ribbon "tags" around the outside. It's supposed to be stimulating for him because the ribbons are different textures and different colors. I hope it becomes one of his favorite lovies!

Here's some pictures of these fun projects...

The wreath

Jax's taggie blanket


  1. so that's a tag blanket! it looks super cute and fun!

  2. i love the camo on the blankie, lol, its just adorable!!

  3. Could you tell me how to make a tag blanket? That looks like something Jackson would love!

  4. I love the blankie! I dont think Ive ever seen a tag blanket before! I might have to make one now..=)