Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Jax's First Christmas

On normal years, I love Christmastime. Things are different this time of year. Good different. The air is crisp, the leaves are bright shades of orange, red and yellow, everything smells like spice and there's an atmosphere of joy and love. This year is not a normal year. This year all those wonderful things are extra special because this year is Jax's first Christmas. I am fully aware that Thanksgiving is still a week away and Christmas is still 5 weeks away. But I just can't help myself. I am so stinkin' excited! I have been begging Ryan to let me decorate already. We finally compromised and decided to decorate this coming weekend. We normally wait until the weekend after Turkey Day. But this year, we will be in California for Christmas, which means that we have less time to enjoy our decorations at home, which means that we need to decorate early to make up for it. I know that is total girl-logic, but I don't care. I wanna take it all in and enjoy every second of it. I've already snuck a few Christmas items in and put them up in the house, including Jax's brand new stocking with his name on it! However, to make the waiting even harder, Ryan pulled down all the boxes today. I'm glad that they are ready and waiting, but they are sitting there tempting me. If Ryan wasn't on leave, I would probably have opened everything and decorated already. But instead, I sit and wait. Hurry up, Saturday!!!

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  1. lol lol, i am the same way, though my youngest is now 4yrs old, i still get so excited for christmas through his eyes, he is a lil older this year and i cant wait to see his face when the lights go up.
    it just gets better and better from here sweetie, have a wonderful trip to my beautiful california ;)