Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stop me

if I ever become this obsessed with couponing...

it's a freakin' BRIEFCASE!!


  1. Ha! Ha! This person is a little TOO dedicated to saving a few pennies!!

  2. Oh, I just found a website that I think you would love, and you may already use it. It is and you simply type in the store where you will be shopping, and instantly you can find discounts that you can apply online or print. Today I saved $15 on Gap Jeans. A couple weeks ago, I saved $30 on clothes for Jackson (our nine month old). We are out of town for the holidays, but I want to try the Harry Teeter coupon idea when we get back! Thanks for the good advice.

  3. wow Jenna.. you have officially impressed me!
    I love this... and am inspired by this! haahah

    how long do coupons usually last? a year? cuz thats a lot!