Saturday, October 12, 2013

Insta Randoms

I've got a little iPhone/Instagram catch up for y'all today! Because I know you were just aching for more pictures of my cute kids. I'm not biased or anything. Nope. Not one little bit. ;)

How is she getting so darn big??

She makes the craziest faces sometimes!

The other day, Jax said "Hey Mama, can you do this? It's kinda hard!" 
I about died laughing!

There has been a lot of this going on in our house lately. A LOT. I'm not sure if it's just teething or a stage or what, but it's very frustrating!

Licking the beaters at Nana and Boppa's house for Boppa's birthday! 

Forget the beaters... how about straight from the dispenser?!
I am LOVING fall weather (although it isn't cool every day just yet), and the cute toddler girl clothes that come with it! Oversized sweater? Check! Leggings? Check! Boots? Check, check!

We went to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather and this sweet girl was running around having a blast. Even though she can be so frustrating, this is such a fun age!

I'm a little behind on getting her 15 month post up, but I'll have that posted in the next week. 

We're off the the fair today, so you can find me in about six hours, laying on the couch and sleeping off my food coma.


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  1. Great pictures!

    I love her striped dress and boot combo :) Super cute.