Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A little catch up and health update

Hi friends! So good to talk to y'all again! I realize that I haven't been around much over the past 2 weeks. As I mentioned last Friday, I hadn't been feeling well, and was going through a bunch of different tests to try to figure out what was going on.

To back up a little.... a week ago Sunday I was overwhelmed by a weird lightheaded/spacey/tingly feeling. I ended up spending most of that afternoon laying down and trying to feel better. It was a scary feeling and I was really worried. Ryan convinced me that it wasn't life-threatening, but I still wasn't feeling great. Over the next few days, that same type of feeling came and went, and I decided to see my doctor. She ran some tests, then sent me for a brain and neck MRI. I got a call later that night (after being told that it would be 48 hours for results... scary!) and she told me that they found a little abnormality on the right side of my brain, and that she had made me an appointment with a neurologist. She said that those type of findings can be normal but that they can sometimes also be seen in people with MS. So, to say that I was scared would be an understatement! 

I had to wait four days for my appointment, which seemed like an eternity, but I prayed for peace in waiting, and had quite a few people praying for me as well. Over the weekend, I started to feel a lot better and felt A LOT of peace about the situation. I went to my appointment and got the "all clear" from the neurologist!!! She said that it was just an "over read" and that there was nothing indicating MS or any other problems. 

I am SO thankful for each of my friends and family members who have been praying for me... and to any of you who were praying for my health in general. I really felt peace and healing over these past few days!

I am now trying to get a handle on some of the anxiety that came with all the scariness over the past week and a half. I've met with some people who have helped me learn how to specifically pray over my situation. I'm learning how to focus more on God, deny the enemy of any power he tries to have over me, and figuring out how to plant myself right in God's peace and promise for my life. 

I would appreciate your continued prayers through these next few weeks as I learn how to manage this anxiety better!

Here's to a better tomorrow and a renewed strength through Him!

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  1. Oh wow, you've been through alot! I'm so glad to hear everything came back clear! Praying for you to not feel anxious anymore.