Thursday, October 3, 2013

Five on Friday::: Instagram Edition

Happy Friday, my sweet friends! 

I'm so sorry to have abandoned this blog of mine over the past week. I've had a lot going on and haven't been feeling too great, so my health took priority over this little corner of the Internet. 

But I couldn't skip Five on Friday this week since I skipped it last week... so let's get to it!
Here's what has been going on over the past week, Instagram style. 
You can find me over there @jennahansen :)

1-- We had our best friends over last Friday night for enchiladas and margaritas. These sweet kiddos love being together. Maybe someday Lexi will have another girl to play with!

2-- On Saturday we painted pumpkins to put on our porch. Lexi enjoyed painting everything except the pumpkin. What more can you expect from a 15 month old??

3-- Lexi and Daddy had a little snuggle nap on Sunday afternoon. How sweet is this?!

4-- We made a trip to Target (like we do pretty much every week!) and played with some of the Halloween goodies. That green thing on Lexi's head just about toppled her over!

5-- I mentioned that I haven't been feeling well, so there was a lot of couch time, movies, and relaxing happening over the past week.  

And in case you missed them, don't forget to check out the recipe for Pumpkin Cookies with Maple Brown Butter Frosting. Everyone that has tried them has RAVED about them! Don't miss out!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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1 comment:

  1. That nap is SO sweet!

    I really need to grab some pumpkins for Abigail to paint. I know she would love that!