Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!!!
Once again, I'm linking up with Darci and friends for Five on Friday!
Here we go...

 Let me start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has entered the giveaway so far! 
If you missed it, you can enter HERE
You have until next Wednesday to enter for a chance to win some fun goodies!

I added this new ballerina theme to my Etsy shop this week. 
It love how pink and girly it is!!!
Right now I've got cupcake toppers and a birthday banner. 
I'm working on getting some decorations and thank you tags added soon. 
I'm also finishing up a princess theme and can't wait to add that!

There are some days... okay most days...  when Jax gets a little wild and isn't always gentle with Lexi. He was so sweet and gentle with her when she was a baby, but as she's gotten older, he's taken full advantage of her non-fragile-ness. BUT there are times when they are both so sweet and cute with each other, and it just melts my heart. A few days ago I found them snuggled under our printer desk, eating a snack. They're pretty darn cute!

I am pretty excited for Halloween, but not really because of actual Halloween. Confusing, much? To me, Halloween isn't a big deal, but it IS the official beginning of the holiday season, and THAT makes me super excited! We rarely have candy in our house, so Halloween is such a battle for me. I want our kids to enjoy the festivities, but I don't want to load them up on candy. I also don't want to hand out candy to neighbor kids, since we don't eat junk food, but I don't want to be the lame house that doesn't have candy. Such a dilemma! I'm thinking about getting a mix of different, fun little toys, glow sticks, Halloween pencils, etc... and letting the kids pick from those. Is that still lame?? I'm just ready for November 1st so I can focus on Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!!!

I'm so excited for this weekend! We have tons of plans, and although we'll be super busy, it's also going to be a lot of fun! Tonight we are having a pizza dinner out on the street with our neighbors. We are so blessed to live in a neighborhood with lots of little kids! Saturday morning we are having breakfast with my parents, then heading to my nephew's birthday party at the pumpkin patch. I can't wait to see the kids' excitement! Saturday evening we are throwing on our Halloween costumes (well, the kids are...) and heading to our local zoo for ZooBoo. It'll be a busy, fun-filled weekend and I can't wait!
(Late-night neighborhood duck duck goose!)
Have a wonderful day, friends!

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  1. I love the ballerina theme!! Super cute! Last year one of your neighbors handed out those packages of freeze dried apples. I thought it was perfect, especially for younger kids!

  2. eee! just started following you thanks to the linkup! love learning wisdom from other God-fearing SAHM mamas...trying to prepare myself in all the ways i can before that becomes my reality one day!!! :)