Tuesday, September 3, 2013

This is real life

I hope I never give off the impression that things are always happy-go-lucky-perfect around our house. I try to be pretty honest about our life. Yes, I make a lot of things from scratch. Yes, I like to throw a cute birthday party. Yes, I do arts and crafts with my kids. 
But I never intend to make mothering feel like a competition* that I'm out to win. 
(*There's some potty language in the article)
I do these things because I genuinely love to do them. I always tell Ryan that I should have been born in the '50s because I love being a "barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen" wife and mama!
I thought it would be fun to go around my house and take pictures... without moving or cleaning a single thing. Just to show you that things aren't always perfect around here. 
Laundry- some folded, some not. Most of it will stay in these baskets until I finally get around to putting it away (which I hate doing!).

Random things strewn across the floor. I think the diaper and whoopee cushion are a nice touch ;)

General, all over messiness. 
I don't have a craft room at this point, so my Etsy shop work is usually spread out across our island. It's awesome. Not. 
So there you have it, proof that no matter how things look from the outside, NO ONE lives a perfect life.
And anyone who says they do is lying!


  1. awesome! I feel the same way! Oh, and laundry. . . you are so not alone!

  2. I needed a reminder of this today! Thanks for posting!