Monday, September 16, 2013

:::Our Weekend:::

We had a busy weekend and it was a lot of fun! 
My parents came over for dinner and a movie on Friday night. 
We rented "Now You See Me"... have you seen it? It was so good!
Ryan had to work on Saturday so the kids and I just hung out, made waffles for breakfast, picked up around the house, and played. Lexi is always begging Jax to push her around on this thing. She loves it!

I was folding laundry in the living room and Lexi kept trying to put my clothes on. I finally helped her into one of my shirts. She was pretty darn happy.
Little moments like these make my heart explode.
I have always dreamed of having a baby girl, and she is my dream come true!

Jax wanted in on the fun, so he put on one of my shirts too.
These two (and their daddy) are my whole world!

Saturday evening we attended a fundraiser dinner for a local non-profit that my mom is involved with. We don't go on dates very often, and even when we do, we rarely get dressed up. Yay for nice clothes and an evening with just us!

Sunday morning we went to church, then Jax and I joined our BFF's for a movie at our local $3 theatre. We saw "Turbo" and it was a super cute movie. Jax loved it!

After the movies, we headed home and spent the afternoon playing, relaxing, and watching the Giants beat the Dodgers. Woohoo!

Jax wanted to do some worksheets, so I printed these from Pinterest. He knows all his numbers, but we are working on writing letter and spelling. So after he matched the letters, I had him take them back off and practice writing each letter.

And while Jax was being studious, this little girl was being WILD! She is so much more crazy, opinionated, and stubborn than her brother ever was at her age. We are in for it when she gets older! Ha!

Yesterday evening, we had friends bring over some pizza and we watched the Niners get slaughtered by the Seahawks. Such a disappointing game!!

How was your weekend???

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  1. SO glad to find another "Jenna!" :) I just found your blog through blog lovin! Your kiddos are presh! Can't wait to follow along with you!