Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall!!!

It's officially FALL!!! 

I couldn't be more happy that the calendar says it's fall and that our weather has decided to agree! We enjoyed mid-80's weather all weekend and even got some rain on Saturday. So refreshing!

I've been reading through the Bible over the past year, so each morning I make coffee, get the kids a little snack and drink, then sit down to read and enjoy my coffee. Since I decided to join the Bible study at my church, my mornings have shifted to doing Bible study homework... which takes a lot more time than my reading used to. I'm still trying to figure out how to fit it all in. But it's a Beth Moore study, so it's totally worth the effort!

 When I got Lexi dressed Friday morning, I realized that I could finally start using the dresses that have been hanging in her closet for months. When she was crawling everywhere, they just got in her way... but now that she's walking full time (yay!), we can actually get some use out of the 15+ dresses she has! Man, she's a cute kid :)

After we picked Jax up from school, I took the kids out to lunch at InNOut, then we made a quick trip to Target to pick up a few things. Jax was so sweet sharing his milkshake with his sister. He was saying "are you getting some, sis?" and then he looked at me and said "good, Mom, she's getting some". Such a sweet brother!

After naps we just played around the house. Lexi insisted on wearing Jax's backpack. Even with nothing in it, she still kept falling over. It's almost as big as her!

On Saturday I asked Ryan if I could have the day off, and he happily agreed! I picked up my mom and we went and got pedicures and lunch, then did some shopping. 

 After I dropped her back at home, I got a pumpkin scone (gobble gobble!) and some coffee at Starbucks, then went and got my car washed. It had been over a YEAR since it had been washed or vaccuumed... it desperately needed it! Once that was done, I ran to Michaels to pick up a few things before heading home. I was gone for over 6 hours and it was such a wonderful break from being a mommy! But I sure did miss my little family!

Saturday evening I was SO excited that the weather was cold enough for a hoodie and jammie pants! And I couldn't resist a little snuggle with Mojo bear. 

The kids and I ended up skipping church on Sunday morning because Jax had a cough and runny nose all weekend. While Ryan was at church, we made some shrinky dink jewelry and keychains. Jax made a Captain American shield necklace to match his Captain America shield. He was very proud of himself. 

We stayed in our jammies all day and just watched movies and football. It was a nice, relaxing day. AND our windows were open all day. You can't beat that!

I posted this recipe on Instagram yesterday (you can follow me @jennahansen). Easy, yummy, and made from scratch pumpkin spice coffee creamer. 

How was your weekend???