Thursday, January 10, 2013


Playing a little catch-up of iPhone/Instagram pictures.
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This beautiful girl wore her first real big girl dress to church a few weeks ago

And this ridiculously cute Christmas outfit with this ridiculously large bow

Ryan and I got to go to our friends' Christmas party, minus the kids. We had a blast!

Christmas present fun

My sweet, sick girl. Lots of snuggles over the past 2 weeks.

She is SO big now. And it's so much fun that they are starting to play together.

We took the kids to the park a few days ago and actually took her out of her car seat :)

We also took the kids to see Monsters, Inc on NYE. They did great and Jax was super cute.

She loves to chew on her sippy straw. She's still figuring out how to actually drink from it.

Silly boys!

Sicky girl and her inhaler. She actually tolerated it really well. It's too bad it didn't do much to help her.

We had to move on to breathing treatments. Sweet girl.

Umm... Weirdo.

My loves

Sleep training success! She played for 20 minutes then went to sleep without making a peep. Yahoo!

However, the sickies have thrown the sleep training out the window. And unfortunately Lexi is waking up every hour and a half at night. She's feeling so much better though, so hopefully good sleep will return soon!

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