Tuesday, November 13, 2012


If you haven't joined the Instagram bandwagon, you really should! It's like Facebook but with pictures only. Which we all know is the best part anyway! Come find me @jennahansen.

Here is some Instagram fun from the last few weeks... With a few other randoms thrown in.

She spending more and more time in the exersaucer.

This guy loves it too. Ha!

But sometimes it's too much work.

"Ugh MOM, you make me so frustrated". When did he become a teenager?!

Being so beautiful is such hard work! Or maybe she's frustrated with me too?

Pinterest gave me this fun idea for my very favorite cup. All I did was use spray glue on the inside of the outer cup, then sprinkle glitter and shake it around until it was coated. So easy.

We went to lunch at Chipotle a few days ago and there happened to be some firefighters eating there as well. They asked Jax if he wanted to go see their truck. He was beyond excited!

Um, these shoes. I die. BabiesRUs score from a few night ago. I also got her some itty bitty knock-off sparkly Toms. I can hardly handle the cuteness.

This was a fun Pinterest snack we made a few days ago. Rice Krispy treats, Oreos, candy corn, and frosting as glue. I'm sure y'all have seen it before but Jax had SO much fun making them. And eating them, of course.

I've been working on shirts for Disneyland. Lexi's just need some bows. Obviously :)

Only 20 more days! (Again, thanks Pinterest)

Pretty girl ready for church on Sunday. And a bow without a headband! Holla!

It's been chilly here so we had a lazy crafting/cleaning/playing day on Friday. Sometimes days like that are just what we need.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. I love this post! They are too cute! I'm sure you don't want to know the first time I put a bow in Brantley's hair without a headband. ;) And the grey headband and bow she's wearing in one of the exersaucer pics is precious! Where did you find it?