Thursday, November 1, 2012

Computerless Randoms

I am currently without a computer so I can't post all of our Halloween fun just yet. But I haven't done a randoms post in awhile so I thought I would share some of the cuteness going on around the Hansen household recently.
Bumbo sitting practice

She may be small, but she got her mama's chunky thighs :)

Jax helping Boppa take off wallpaper. Yay for my parents' HUGE remodel!

Park date on a very chilly day

Hotel bed snuggles during our brief LA road trip last week.

We got to see our Army BFF's that we hadn't seen in over a year! Yay Levy family!

We had a LONG drive home. We left LA at 5pm and got home at 2am. Yikes!

Daddy/Lexi snuggles

Having a picnic on our living room while watching the Giants game. World Champs baby!!!

Girlfriend loves to chew on anything she can get her hands on!

Carousel fun

Hope y'all had a safe and fun Halloween. Let the holiday season officially begin!

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  1. Love love!!
    She looks so lady like in her bumbo!