Monday, March 26, 2012

A Wedding!

We spent this past weekend with my mom's side of the family, celebrating my Uncle Greg's wedding. It was SUCH a beautiful and happy wedding. The paths that God set out for Greg and Carol to find each other and get married are just a true testament to how much God loves us, even when things seem impossibly hard. 

This is the only picture that I took of the wedding. I know it's a terrible picture from the side, but it's the only one I have. The bride and groom with their children, children's spouses, and grandchildren. Such a happy new family!

Jax was super excited to see Willow. These two are hilarious when they are together. They could entertain us all for hours. 

I love my two handsome guys!

These days, Jax won't take a real picture unless he also takes a "silly face" picture. This is the only silly face he knows. Ha!

I was very intent on getting a good family picture. We haven't had one in a while and I knew this would be the perfect time since we were all dressed up for the wedding. Again, Jax refused to take a real picture. He loved that everyone was watching him, so he was putting on a show instead of actually smiling. Crazy kid.

We finally got a real (cheesy) grin out of him. I love my sweet, growing family!!

Congratulations to my Uncle Greg and new Aunt Carol. 
We couldn't be happier for the two of you!

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