Saturday, March 17, 2012

23 and 24 weeks

I turned 23 weeks last Thursday, which was moving day for us! I knew that I wouldn't get around to a 23 week post so I just figured I would combine them this week. I was smart enough to remember to take a picture though. Go me! My memory about what my 23rd week was like? Gone. I really don't remember what happened last week. Oh well.

Here is the picture I took before my memory left me...
PS- this is my FAVORITE maternity shirt. It's from Target and it's sooo soft and comfy, and I would wear it every day if I could!

I turned 24 weeks a few days ago, but finally got around to taking a picture today (Saturday). Ryan's new job had him gone all day for the past few days so I haven't had anyone to take it for me. I tried to get Jax to help, but you can guess how well that went. Ha!

This past week has been super full and busy, but not much of it is related to Lexi. I've been so focused on unpacking and organizing and scouring Pinterest for good ideas that I've hardly had time to think about being pregnant. And then when I do think about it, I just get annoyed that this sweet girl I'm carrying seems to be the laziest baby ever. She rarely moves. I haven't even tried to do kick counts because she would fail them every time. 10 movements in 2 hours? I'm happy if I feel 10 movements all day! However, I will say that there have been a few times in the past week that she has gotten a little energy spurt and I've felt her kicking and wiggling around for a solid 3 or 4 minutes. That makes this mama so happy!

Here is my picture from this morning... sporting my green for St. Patrick's Day!
(Ugh, the lighting is horrible. I'm just too lazy to edit it... especially since I don't have a good editing program. Sorry!)

And here is the comparison with Jax...
I think that I am carrying Lexi higher. So I guess that old wives tale is true?!

We've been doing lots of fun stuff for St. Patrick's Day today, 
so I'll post pictures from that soon!

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  1. You know I love the side by side photos - what a difference!!!! I can't believe how much higher she is sitting!