Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Randoms

We had a very lazy day yesterday because I was focused on getting our house ready to sell. We are selling it by owner, so I'm really trying to get it out there and noticed. Check it out HERE

This morning we had a friend and her kiddo over to play. Asher and Jax had fun running around, and of course bickering over toys! Ha!

Other exciting news, I'm potty training Jax!!

I had no intentions of doing it right now... Every time I sat Jax on the potty, he just wanted to get off. I figured it would be awhile before he was really ready. He had all the other signs of being ready, but he would never actually go. Then yesterday he pulled his diaper halfway off so I decided to see if he wanted to potty, and he did!! He quickly figured out that potty=treat, so he's been going more frequently than necessary, but he pees almost every time. He doesn't always go on the potty, but I didn't have to change his diaper all day today! I hope this new development sticks!

On Monday and Tuesday we were dog sitting our friends' doggy, Carina. Jax lovers her a lot and showed it by slightly abusing her ;) She was so good and just let him play around with her!

We were driving home after dropping Carina off on Wednesday and I saw this beautiful sunset! I love when the light from the sun shines rays out from behind the clouds! A phone picture really doesn't do it justice.

It's amazing how much kids copy things that they see you doing. Little things that would never even occur to you. Like putting sunglasses on your head! He's been doing this all week!

I'm always posting pictures of Jax but we can't forget about my first baby, Mojo. This is her usual position in the evenings on the couch with me. She's such a sweet girl!

I took Jax to our neighborhood park yesterday morning because the weather was much cooler than it has been recently. Jax was using this stick and saying "Mama, I'm digging for gold!" then when he would find a tiny twig, he would get super excited and say "GOLD!!!". Ha!

He's always making me smile!

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