Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day, Friends

As a military spouse, this weekend always means so much to me. In year's past, I've posted about the EIGHT soldiers who went to my high school and were killed in action within just a few years of each other.

 You can read more about them HERE

And this year is even more meaningful because I had two close friends (fellow military spouses) lose their husband back in October. Two separate events within 3 weeks of each other. 

My dear friend Diana's husband Joe was KIA on October 6th last year. They have 3 beautiful children... JT (4), Caroline (2), and Nate (1).

My other friend Kira's husband Clint was KIA in Afghanistan on October 25th last year. They have a son, Caleb, who is almost 2. 

I hope that you enjoy your family, friends, and yummy food on this day. But if you could also pray for my friends, as today is a painful reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that their husbands paid. 

Especially on this day, I am proud to have been an Army Wife!

Happy Memorial Day, friends!

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