Monday, April 15, 2013


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We've been having gorgeous weather here in California recently. We are soaking it all in and have been spending lots of time getting our vitamin D! I've been trying to stay busy and keep the kids busy, so we've had park dates, swimming lessons, tball, and dinner dates. I love this time of year! 

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I'm still trying to lose the last bit of baby weight. I make good progress when I put my mind to it.... but then I get lazy and fall off the bandwagon. I'm at my pre-Lexi weight, but I would like to lose at least 5 more pounds, but hopefully 10!

Breakfasts like this help... peanut butter whole wheat toast, fresh berries, and water. 

One of our favorite dinners... in small, medium, and large version. Ha!
Baby plate (pesto baked chicken, strawberries)
Kid plate (pesto baked chicken, blueberries, carrots, 1 bite of roasted bell pepper with cheese)
Grown up plate (Pesto baked chicken, roasted bell peppers with cheese)

She started out in front of the fridge. Then she backwards scooted 5 feet away. 

She's trying so hard to crawl. If only she could get that other foot out from under her!

Daddy snuggles. 

Jax wrote "6, 7, 8" all on his own. I didn't even know he could do that! Who cares if the 7 and 8 are switched!

Fresh buzz cut. Love his low maintenance summer hair!

This one LOVES her sippy cup. She CHUGS water from that thing.

Jax passed his swimming level and is moving up to the next one. They get a ring a bell when they pass and everyone cheers for them. So cute!

His first time using a big boy knife... helping me chop strawberries for a big batch of freezer jam.  

Love these two in their summer clothes!

Her first "ponytail". Ha! I think it looks both cute and ridiculous all at the same time. 

She's just the cutest. I mean, really. 

Little girl, big cup. I'm tellin' y'all, she LOVES cups!

I heart California and this beautiful weather!


  1. My little 9 monthg old, Presley, crawls just like that. She travels all around the house with that one foot tucked in. So funny!

    1. Ok, that is hilarious! I wonder if Lexi will start doing that?!