Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Easter

 Just a few pictures from our Easter festivities. We like to focus on Jesus' resurrection, but we also like to do some of the fun traditions that accompany Easter time.

Dying Eggs

Easter baskets

It was 6am. Fun times.

This is her new cheesy smile. I'm obsessed.

We planted jelly beans for the Easter Bunny to come by at night and turn into lollipops. We treat the Easter Bunny the same way that we treat Santa Clause. Jax knows it's pretend but it's party of holiday fun. 

Egg hunting at Grammy's house

LOTS of eggs!

More cheesy smile... and sinking down in the grass.

My sweet girl

My whole world

And for fun... what a difference a year makes!


  1. Love all the pictures, looks like it was a lovely Easter!

  2. oh my gosh your kiddos are cuteness overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how fun fun fun!
    what a beautiful family!