Monday, December 10, 2012

Disneyland at Christmastime

Ready for a picture overload from The Happiest Place On Earth? Well here it is! We spent last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Disneyland and had the BEST time! Jax was in heaven because we were there with our Army friends from North Carolina, and he loves their 6-year-old daughter Taylor. And Lexi was on sensory overload the whole time with all of the amazing things to look at. Jax is about an inch short for the bigger rides, so we rode all the ones that didn't have height requirements (there are a TON), which meant that Lexi got to ride too. She loved all the lights and colors. Both kids did great the whole time and we all had so much fun!

Day one... matching shirts and smiles all around

Christmas Magic parade on Main Street

How beautiful is the castle?!

Day two... more matching shirts and more smiles. 
(This was the day that Lexi had TWO major blowouts, and I had only brought one extra outfit. Who would have thought I would need two? At least girlfriend got a new Disney outfit out of the ordeal. Hooray!)

Last time we were there, Jax wasn't big enough to drive these bumper cars in Bug Land. He was pretty happy he could do it this time!

Cars Land is amazing. It feels like you're walking through Radiator Springs!

This boy loves hair. Always has. He spent the whole trip playing with Taylor's hair. It was pretty cute... and just a tad creepy. 

Woody was super hyper and could hardly sit still for a picture. Jax thought it was hilarious. 

All of the Christmas decorations were beautiful.

4 adults and 6 kids made for a very busy, but fun time.

Our friends left early on the last day so we spent the afternoon and evening enjoying our little family of four. The last thing that was did was ride Small World. It was a great way to end our trip. The whole ride is retrofitted for Christmas and it's beautiful!

This boy walked all day for three days and didn't take any naps. We were very impressed! But at the end of each night he was ready to CRASH! He didn't even make it out of the park before he fell asleep in the stroller. 

We are already planning on taking him back, by himself, for his fifth birthday. It was something that my parents did with me because I was big enough to ride all of the rides, and I can't wait to do it with Jax as well!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! And I love their little Christmas outfits!