Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

We've had some off and on weather over the past week, but the last few days have been lovely! On the days that weren't so great, we got to play inside, which can still be fun. Hubs pulled out his motorcycle helmet and gloves and Jax was having a blast playing with them!

When I was downloading those pictures to my computer, I found these from when we went to Williamsburg. I thought they were pretty cute!

A few weeks ago I wrote about our little garden that we started this year. We haven't been the best growers over the past few years, so we're hoping for better luck this year. We bought some more plants recently (red bell peppers, basil, and seasonal flowers) and planted them in the yard. So far, so good... things are started to grow and bloom, and I can't wait to be able to walk to the backyard and pick something to use for dinner!

The tree we planted last summer is finally growing!
Ivy we planted when we first moved in. It started as 3 tiny plants and spread across the whole planter!!
Bell pepper and asparagus on the left, red and white onions on the right
Basil and rosemary

And finally, just to document this time... here's a couple pictures of life...

Jax reading his Bible! (Sorry for the blurriness, I didn't take these pictures)

The playroom tornado that occurs on a daily basis

Happy Sunday!

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