Thursday, January 20, 2011

This Past Week... in Randoms

Not a lot has been going on around these parts recently. We went to church on Sunday and Bible study on Tuesday morning and Jax did fantastic in the classroom! This is a new development and I couldn't be happier. It only took 19 months for him to finally realize that he could play, and then mommy would come back to get him. Ha! Here's some other randomness from the past week...

The last few days have been good because hubs is on his way home! He left his post and is now at the place that he will fly out of to come home. For now, it is just the infamous Army waiting game as to when he will get a flight and actually be home. Keep praying for his safety while he waits and while he travels. 6+ months of separation is finally coming to a close!

I received three free Zoya nail polishes! (Well, I paid shipping... but it still worked out to about $2.25 a bottle) I am LOVING the deep purplish color so far. I don't normally paint my fingernails, just toenails, but I wanted to try out this yummy winter color and it's awesome! I can't wait to dive into the other two colors. The pink might have to wait until spring/summer :)

We hung out with our best friends Max and Danielle over the weekend. The boys had a BLAST! They are both very rough-and-tumble and they love playing together. They chase each other and wrestle and hide from each other and terrorize the dogs and giggle the whole time. It's adorable!

Jax is very into a few new things recently. One is Nemo. Ever since he found these swimmy diapers from last summer, he has been asking to watch "Memo" all the time. He also likes to wear Nemo as a hat. Why not?!

Another thing he loves is to push the kitchen chairs around... and more specifically, to push one over to the sink and play in it!
He's such a stinker, but he's so darn cute! I mean, how can you resist this folded-armed cuteness?!

PS- Do you like the new bloggy design? Because I do. A lot. :)

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