Sunday, January 9, 2011

I heart CVS

It's no small secret around here how much I love CVS and their Extra Care Bucks rewards program. I know I haven't done a couponing post in some time... mostly because I don't have a lot of extra room right now for stocking up on products. I've really cut back on shopping and couponing, but last week and this week were an exception because CVS had great ads both weeks and I couldn't pass them up!

A few weeks ago I signed up to receive two coupons for free Excedrin products. A few days later, the coupon reset and I signed up again. I ended up receiving four coupons for free Excedrin. This just happened to coincide with CVS' ad last week to spend $20 in Excedrin products and receive a $10 ECB. (Read more about CVS'ing and ECB's HERE). I used my 4 coupons, paid nothing out of pocket and received a $10 ECB. So I basically got paid $10 to get 4 Excedrin products. Talk about a steal!

This week, I decided to carry over my $10 ECB toward some drinks and granola bars that were on sale. Here's how it went down...

Transaction #1
Purchased (3) Nature Valley granola bars @ 3/$10
- (3) $.50/1 coupons
- $.50 ECB from before
-$2 ECB from 2 weeks ago

Paid $6 oop, got $4 ECB back

Transaction #2
Purchased (3) Starbucks Frappucino 4-packs
Purchased (2) Izze sparkling fruit drink 4-packs
-(3) $1/1 Frappucino coupons
-(2) $1/1 Izze coupon
-$10 ECB from last week
-$4 ECB from previous transaction

Paid $3.15 oop, got $10 ECB back

SO, overall I got $39.42 worth of stuff for $9.15 (saved 77%), and I still have $10 ECB left... which means I am walking away with $.85 profit. HELLO! How could you not love CVS after something like that?!

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  1. Good Job! I'm totally in the same boat as you...we are living with Jared's parents right now and I can't stock up. I have some serious CVS withdrawls! If we move to Clovis, we will have to partner up for sure!