Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

Yesterday (monday) I took Jax to the doctor to get his leg checked out. He's had a lump for a few weeks that I was a little worried about. It's right in the crease where his leg and hip meet. I had read online that it could just be a swollen lymph node caused by his MMR shot a few weeks ago... and it turns out, that's all it was. But it had been 3 weeks and it was still there, so this mama was getting a little worried. The doctor said it's getting smaller, it's not red on his skin and it's smaller than a centimeter. So all of those things are good signs and she isn't worried about it. We just have to keep an eye on it and make sure it goes away in the next 2 or 3 weeks.

After the doctor we headed out to do some errands. I ran through McDonald's because I had a coupon for an iced coffee. WHO KNEW that McDonald's iced coffee would be good?! I was pleasantly surprised. After that we headed to CVS to get some Little Swimmers diapers for Jax. I have heard not great things about them... like they are completely ineffective and they are basically just poop catchers (sorry for the mental image. Ha!), but I had coupons and I knew that I could get them for free. I don't normally even put a diaper on Jax in the pool, but I know that I need to when we are in a public pool so I got the Little Swimmers for those occasions. Too bad they only had mediums and they are made for 24-34 lbs. And my little guy isn't even 20 lbs yet. Oh well. At least I have something I can use now.

After that we headed to the park to kill some time before lunch. OY! It is so stinkin' hot here right now. It's been right around 100 for the past few days, PLUS humidity. So it feels like 105-110. Ick. I know it's been super hot back home in CA as well, but at least it's not sticky heat! The park was fun and Jax is finally getting to the age where he will actually walk around on the equipment and climb on things. It's rather cute :)

Yesterday afternoon was spent cleaning and napping. Good stuff!

Today we are headed to mommies group. We haven't been for a few weeks so I'm looking forward to seeing the other mommies and kiddos.

A few other random things... Pampers diapers with Dry Max are causing a LOT of problems with kids. They are getting rashes and chemical burns and all kinds of nasty stuff from the diapers. So if your kid has a diaper rash that won't go away, that may be way. Read another post about it HERE. Just one more reason why I've never liked Pampers!

We only have a few weeks until Ryan leaves and we are still trying to get pregnant. We would really appreciate some specific prayers in this area. That we are able to get pregnant, that I have a healthy pregnancy without complications and that I'll be able to have a VBAC.

Thanks ya'll!

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