Wednesday, June 2, 2010

But they have such cool colors!

I'm not sure if it's weird to let my son play with these...

Whenever I get ready in the morning, it's the first drawer he goes for

He loves pulling the boxes out

Then he loves pulling the "girl stuff" out of the boxes and stuffing it back in

I guess it's totally harmless, but there's something odd about it

Oh well, at least he's entertained!

PS- Notice how full my drawer is... thank you CVS!


  1. got to love that beautiful tile floor though! lol
    as long as he isn't sticking pads to your wall you should be good!

  2. haha. Lily went through that stage too. I would let her play with them b/c that meant I could do my make up in peace!

  3. okay, I LOVE these! he's gonna be SO embarrassed when he's 15 and has a girlfriend. so awesome!

  4. He's going to be allowed to have a girlfriend at 15!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, Ben can't date until he graduates from college!

  5. HAHAHA Love it! Bet these pictures make daddy proud :) That is too cute!