Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We gave Jax his first bath on Saturday. He did so good! He wasn't fussy until the very end and even then, he just whined a little bit. I was so proud! 

He's going to be two weeks old tomorrow and we are already noticing how much more grown up he is acting. He still refuses to sleep anywhere but in my arms at night. However, during the day I can put him in his vibrating bouncer and he hangs out... awake or asleep. It's awesome. He also does good if we put him in the boppy on the bed. He's getting much better at being okay if he's not in my arms. It's so bittersweet because I want to just hold him forever. Especially because I know that one day he won't let me do it anymore. Right now he snuggles on my chest and I LOVE it! But I know that he needs to be able to self-soothe and be able to be independent. We are working on trying to find a balance between coddling him too much but not abandoning him while he cries. 

This is his favorite sleeping position. SO CUTE!!
(please ignore how insanely tired I look)

Hanging out in the boppy

Right now my biggest struggle is knowing what to do at night. Even if he is completely asleep, he wakes up within 5 minutes of me putting him down. He then proceeds to cry until we pick him up. I just lay him next to me in bed with my arm around him (so he can't roll over) and that's how we sleep. At this point he's so little still that I feel like I'm abandoning him by letting him sit and cry. At the same time, I don't want to spoil him to the point where we will have a really hard time switching him to his crib. Mommies out there... help! What did you do with your kids? At what point do I teach him to self soothe?  I don't really like co-sleeping, but what other choice do I have?

Instead of finishing with a question, I though I'd throw on these two pictures. When he sleeps (and even when he's not sleeping), he does funny things with his arms! 

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  1. I co-slept with Acelin for 3 months! It was the only way for me to have my sanity (and sleep) at night. Just one night, she seemed antsy. She didn't seem comfortable. At that moment, I walked her over to her crib and she's been sleeping in it ever since. No hard transition. He will give you clues when he is ready. Don't worry about spoiling him. He is a baby, he doesn't know anything else but your love and warm body. So go ahead! "Spoil" him!